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RENESAS Technology is a joint venture company between Hitachi semiconductor and Mitsubishi Electric semiconductor and established in April 1, 2003. RENESAS is one of the biggest worldwide semiconductor manufacturer and supplies whole series of semiconductor devices and modules, e.g. Diode, Transistor, Standard/Specific IC, Power IC, MCU, Memory, Commodities, LCD Driver and SIM cards. Those devices could be implemented in many different kinds of applications, including Mobile phones, Telecommunication devices, Portable devices, Computer peripherals, Power Supplies, Instrumentations, Home Appliances, Video/Audio devices, Control Machinery, Medical Machinery, PABX, Digital devices and many kinds of electronics products.

Hitachi Semiconductor supplies High Power devices, e.g. Power Diode, Inverter Motor IC, Scanner IC, IGBT and FBT, for different kind of industrial products, e.g.DCBL Motor, Scanner Probe, EL Display and FBT.


Hitachi AIC is a professional capacitor manufacturer which supplies whole series of high quality and competitive capacitor products, e.g. Taitanium Capacitor, Aluminium Electro Capacitor and Plastic-film Capacitor, for implementing in different kind of consumer and industrial products, e.g. Mobile Phone, Telecommunication Machinery, Power Supply, Instrumentation, Digital products and other electronic products.


OPNEXT is owned by HITACHI group which manufacturing different kind of laser diodes and suitable for telecommunication and instrumentation products.

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